Systems Engineer

  • Bryce Filho
  • Class of 2014
  • College Major: Computer Engineering
What/who inspired you to get into this field?

My dad inspired me to get into this field. He had always talked about the fascinating future of technology when I was a kid. We used to take computers apart and go around fixing things in the house.

What classes would you recommend for this field (high school and college)?

I recommend taking a diverse set of classes both in and outside of your major. In high school, I took wood working, programming classes, media/photography and aerospace classes, in addition to traditional math and science courses. These classes taught me to be creative, think outside of the box and to diversify my thought process.

What are some other companies that employ graduates in this field?

Northrop, Honeywell, NASA, NSA, Boeing, Amazon, Google, Standing Cloud, SolidFire and the list goes on. Everything from big bureaucratic companies to small companies, companies driven by innovation and new product growth and those driven by process improvement to compete with competition. Honestly, any type of company a person could want to work for employs graduates in this field. It is finding and getting the right job that is the challenge.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

There are several rewarding parts to my job, such as waking up every morning knowing that today I will learn something new and be challenged by something I haven’t experienced before. There are some days it can be a bit much, but I would rather continue to grow than to sit stagnant doing the same thing everyday.