Applications Engineer

  • Sadie Geerligs
  • Class of 2012
  • College Major: Optical Engineering
What/who inspired you to get into this field?

My high school physics teacher prompted me to look into engineering. Then another graduate from my high school who was getting her doctorate in optics at Arizona State gave a presentation to our physics class about her research, which is what inspired me to choose my major. She had a hologram for a business card!

What classes would you recommend for this field (high school and college)?

Taking physics alongside calculus in high school really helped me through my freshman year. Learning to apply math to real life situations made science much more understandable and valuable to me.

What are some other companies that employ graduates in this field?

I have friends working at Valeo, NAL, Grote Industries and Gentex. A lot of my other peers have chosen to go to graduate school after their time at Rose.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

My job involves a lot of travel. As an applications engineer, I get to travel to job sites to train customers on my product and oversee installations. I love the networking and experiences I have gained as a result of this. It allows me to exercise what I learned at school while also getting to utilize my outgoing personality.