Associate Product Manager

CBS Interactive
  • EJ Oruche
  • Class of 2011
  • College Major: Biomedical Engineering
What/who inspired you to get into this field?

I always liked to tinker as a kid. When I was 12, my mom and I took my uncle to register for his college engineering classes, and that’s when I found out what engineering was and decided I wanted do that. I got into the technology space after college. It was interesting to me because of how fast you could innovate and design. I have worked in a variety of roles in the technology space but I really love product management the best.

What classes would you recommend for this field (high school and college)?

In high school, take a lot of math and science. Try to take calculus before you get to college, and make sure to take physics and chemistry. In college, your STEM classes will be pretty set in engineering, but take electives in the humanities to help keep you well-rounded. Understanding economics, culture, history, etc., will help you to understand people and the world as a whole.

What are some other companies that employ graduates in this field?

A lot of technology companies hire in this field. Think of any technology product or service you use and you could work there in this field. There are places like Google, Apple, Netflix, etc.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is figuring out how to provide an amazing user experience. When you do that well, you are helping improve someone’s life in some way, and that is amazing.