Consulting Electrical Engineer

Mussett, Nicholas and Associates
  • Alex Woodhams
  • Class of 2013
  • College Major: Electrical Engineering
What/who inspired you to get into this field?

I really wanted to study electrical engineering, and I’m a big fan of solving problems and experiencing new things, so I decided to pursue consulting to have the opportunity to solve a wide variety of new problems. At Mussett, Nicholas and Associates, we deal with a variety of problems brought to us by major manufacturing facilities, universities, and labs in the Midwest.

What classes would you recommend for this field (high school and college)?

For this field in particular, I would recommend taking classes that cover three-phase motors and three-phase power distribution. But in general, I would recommend taking classes that you enjoy, and there will likely be a firm that does consulting work in that field.

What are some other companies that employ graduates in this field?

KJWW Engineering Consultants, AEC Engineering and many more.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I enjoy teamwork that involves working with everyone, including the mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects and CAD (computer-aided design) technicians to get a job done. As with most types of engineering, seeing a finished product is what drives you.