Polarization, Reflection, and Refraction

Physics – Polarization, Reflection, and Refraction

Example: Sunlight is being reflected off the surface of a calm lake

  1. What is the angle between the sun and the horizon when the polarization is the largest?
  2. What is the reflection angle?
  3. What is the angle of refraction in water


Given Unknown Draw a Picture!

{\theta}_1 = 90 ^{\circ}- {\theta}_P
{\theta}_P = {tan}^{-1}({\frac{n_2}{n_1}})={tan^{-1}}({\frac{n_w}{n_a}})={tan}^{-1}({\frac{1.33}{1}})=53.1^{\circ}

{\theta^{\circ}}_1=90-50.1^{\circ} Therefore {\theta}_1 = 36.9^{\circ} answer to part a

refraction sin({\theta}_2)=\frac{n_1 sin{\theta}_p}{n_2}

isolate for {\theta}_2   {\theta}_2 = sin^{-1}{\frac{n_asin({\theta}_p)}{n_w}

{\theta}_2 = sin^{-1}{\frac{1\cdot sin(53.1)}{1.33}}=36.9^{\circ} = {\theta}_2 part c