Unit Conversions

Changing one unit scale to a different unit scale.

Example: Changing feet to inches. 1 ft to 12 inches (or \frac{1\ ft}{12\ in}). Both feet and inches are units of distance. kg ≠ ft

New example: How tall is a 2.17 meter high ceiling when measured in feet?

The way to convert/change this value to feet is by using a conversion factor (a special fraction)

conversion factor: 3.28\ \frac{ft}{m}

original value: 2.17 m

The converse: original value × conversion factor

2.17\ m\ \times\ \frac{3.28\ ft}{m}\ =\ 7.12\ ft

*Note that this conversion factor is also useful for converting between feet and meters

    • just use the reciprocal of the fraction (flip it over)

\frac{3.28\ ft}{m}\ \Rightarrow\ \frac{1\ m}{3.28\ ft}

original value × conversion factor

7.12\ ft \times\ \frac{1\ m}{3.28\ ft}\ =\ 2.17\ m

kg → lb

___ lb × ___ \frac{kg}{lb} = ___ kg