Classifying Compounds

Metals, Acids, and Organics

Metals- from the left-hand side of the periodic table to the right-hand side staircase

Organics- contain carbon, also often contain H,O,P,Cl,N. Occur naturally in the world and have a carbon backbone

Acids- Any molecule with A+ to donate not all hydrogens can be donated some hydrogens are more tightly bonded to other atoms

Example Problems: 

  • Fe Iron -> Metal
      • no carbon, no N^+ to donate
      • transition metal region
  • CH_3 COOH -> not metal
          • Organic (Carbon Background)
          • resonance allows H^3, Also an Acid
  • C_4H_{10} Butane -> no metal atoms
            • no hydrogen to donate
            • all bonded to C
  • H-Cl  ->No metal
      • no carbon
      • Hydrochloric acid -> Acid
  • Ba    Barium -> Metal
        • No carbon, or H^+
  • CO (NH_2)_2 Urea -> No metal atoms
            • No H^+ donations
            • has C,O,N,H ->Organic