Factors for the Stability of Ecosystems


  • the average weather of an area
  • organisms usually endure small changes.
  • they cannot survive large changes
  • Require a stable ecosystem with constant climate
  • Example:
    • Don’t take a polar bear to Australia
    • A Kangaroo won’t survive in Alaska
    • Different climates mean organisms of an ecosystem could not succeed in another climate

Matter and Energy flow

  • The pyramid shape with producers on bottom create a stable balance in population size which will, therefore, maintain resources
  • The ecosystem is stable with a pyramid shape

Birth and death rates

  • Equal birth and death rate increases stability
  • More births than deaths have overuse of resources and it hurts the population.
  • More deaths than births lead to possible endangerment of the population.

Organism interactions

  • Predator-pray relationships help balance population
  • symbiotic relationships
  • Example:
    • legumes and nitrogen fixing bacteria
      • Plants receive nitrogen
      • bacteria receive food of plant