Sides, Volumes, and Surface Area of Solids

An ice cube is dropped into a glass that is roughly a right cylinder with a 8 cm diameter. The water level rises 2 mm. What is the volume of the cube? What is the length of one of the cube’s sides?









V=\pi r^{2}h

\frac{2\ mm}{1}\times\frac{1\ cm}{10\ mm}=0.2\ cm

V=\pi r^{2}h,\ d=2r=8\ \rightarrow\ r=4\ cm

V=\pi (4\ cm)^{2}(0.2\ cm)=10.048\ cm^{3}

V=\sqrt[3]{s^{3}}=\sqrt[3]{10.048\ cm^{3}}

s=2.16\ cm