Rational and Irrational Numbers

  • Rational Numbers
    • Can be written as fractions
    • Examples: \frac{3}{4},8, 7, \frac{342}{50}, 547
  • Irrational numbers
    • Can be written as endless non-repeating decimals
    • Cannot be written as fractions
    • Examples:\pi,\sqrt(2), e

On a number line, place the following numbers and classify them as rational or irrational.

\frac{-1}{2}, -\pi, 0.9, e, \frac{5}{8},\sqrt{2},\frac{-5}{2}

Rational Irrational
\frac{-1}{2} \pi=3.14159265...
0.9 e=2.71828…
\frac{5}{8} \sqrt{1.41421}