Ratio comparison between 2 different things


A room contains 35 people, 15 of whom are men

    • The ratio of men to some is 15:20
    • The ratio of 2omen to men is 20:15

Ratios don’t always have to be the absolute measured values to reduce the ratio of \frac{15}{5}:\frac{20}{5}

Men to women ratio= 3:4

For every man, there are 4 women

in a group of 7 (3+4=7), 3 are men, \frac{3}{7} of the group are men

Example 2:

In a class, the ratio of passing grades to failing grades is 7 to 5. How many of the 36 students failed the course?

    • 7:5 or \frac{7}{5}
      • \frac{7}{12} passed
    • 7+5=12 students
      • \frac{5}{12}

(\frac{5}{12})(36)=15 students failed